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Butyl sealant coating machine


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1.Whole structure is modularized with low failure rate and easy maintenance.  

2.Adopt advanced pneumatic and hydraulic pressurization technology to ensure stable sealant coating 

3.Control temperature on touch screen , high precision, easy to operate. 

4. 5 stage transport speed regulation

5. Sealant volume real-time display, warning in advance.

6. Sealant nozzle width adjusted automatically positioned quickly 

7.Sealant volume is 14 kg, aluminium spacer width is 4-30mm. 

8.Charge oil automatically , clean and convenient .

Technical parameters:

Input Voltage 220 V, 50HZ

Total Power 3 KW

Extruding pressure 12-18Mpa  

Min.Glass Size 280*450mm

Air pressure 0.6Mpa

Working  speed 8~40m/min

Overall  dimension 3000×550×950mm

Total  weight 450 kg