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Insulating Glass Production Line

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Product advantage

1. Whole process with PLC control system, man-machine interface touch screen .

2. Adopt Japanese Omron coating detection switch, automatic identification of coated glass and          LOW-E glass

3 .Washing machine, dryer shell made of high quality stainless steel material.

4. Upper drive in washing section, avoid water leakage of the sealing parts aging .

5. Each brush with separate motor control (six brush ,six motor )

6. Adopt Taiwan YSB vacuum generator and sucker, nineteen suckers are in a reasonable partition,   glass suction effect will be better.

7. Inner panel assembly and outer panel assemble ,two sets program ,ideal equipment for insulating   glass and curtain wall.

8 .Seven frequency control result in reasonable transportation and efficient production.

9 . All photoelectric switches are supplied by Korean Autonics, ensure more

 accurate positioning.

10. Inner panel assembly and outer panel assemble ,two sets program ,ideal equipment for insulating glass and curtain wall.

11. The speed reducer adopt precision casting aluminium, turbine are made

of casting tin bronze material

12. All bearings are made of all-steel , rotation is flexible without noise.

13. The conveying wheel is polyurethane materials, wear resistance and low


14. The backup plate in transport line are Dew River moisture-proof plate,

beautiful, generous, damp proof.

15. All conveying shaft with grinding processing, flange processing, corrosion prevention to ensure the precision of the main shaft, equipped with high quality bearing, so the glass conveying is stable, high speed.

16. The rubber roller transmit as a whole in the cleaning machine , automatically adjust the distance between the two rollers according to the different thickness of glass

17. The brush are high quality 1010 nylon yarn, it can clean coated glass, the shaft head are stainless steel; brush filaments are close, ensure the glass cleaner .

18. Reasonable air knife angle design ,easy to adjust the angle and distance and ensure the blowing effect is better

19. Aluminum frame positioning adopt longitudinal, horizontal positioning and is adjustable , so that the aluminum frame positioning more accurately and conveniently, easy for one person operate large aluminium frame

20. Low noise circulating wind system, and equipped with damper(air brake) function, has the effect of energy saving.

21. American START stepping motor, ball screw control the size precision.

22. Glass pressing and turning are controlled by hydraulic , make work more stable.

23. The large-stroke of pressing section can be pushed to 550 mm, convenient for maintenance 

24. According to the different requirements of customers can realize unequal sheets and three sheets of glass production.