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How to discern between true and false hollow glass

更新时间:2015-04-09 点击数:309

Hollow glass has sound insulation effect is widely used in home outfit, but the quality of the hollow glass on the market the good and bad are intermingled, so how to distinguish true and false of hollow glass??

Article 1. See whether there is aluminum insulation

Aluminum bar insulation and many air holes, desiccant is put inside, can absorb the moisture in the gas, to prevent the glass doors and Windows after heated appear the phenomenon of "misty", and false "hollow" glass without these devices.

2. See the appearance

High quality profile looks smooth delicate, smooth and clean surface, uniform color, no crack, bubble; Welding without breaking open welding phenomenon; Surface hardness, thickness, enough with a hammer percussion section does not appear rupture. And inferior material color is not uniform, there is air bubble impurities, with a hammer percussion appear rupture, even with the hand to knead will deformation. Consumers can be viewed from the side glass, glass level off, without off color, look through the glass items, items have no deformation, is qualified products.