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From an empty glass production line hollow glass development course

更新时间:2015-04-09 点击数:275

Along with the development of domestic glass processing industry and the deepening of the understanding of the advantages of hollow glass performance, the application range of the insulating glass in growing, in addition to glass curtain wall, cars, planes, etc widely used, at present already entered the ordinary people. This is mainly due to the application of hollow glass can improve the structure of the insulation and sound insulation effect at the same time, simplify the structure of air-conditioning ventilation heat preservation facilities such as design, which not only reduces the costs of building decoration and actually increase the effective practical space within a building.

The application of hollow glass is constantly expanding, people has higher requirement about the quality of the insulating glass, how to grasp the opportunity of the development of the market, provides the high quality can be reliable insulating glass has become a concern of the hollow glass manufacturers. This article will be to the hollow glass paper analyzed the basic machining process.

First introduced the kinds of hollow glass and hollow glass five indicators in the national standard

A, classification:

On the domestic market at present there are two kinds of insulating glass

1, aluminum groove type insulating glass: this kind of hollow glass is introduced in the 80 s, is relatively mature, but the process is relatively complicated.

2, rubber strip type insulating glass: the insulating glass in China has just started, but the manufacturing process is simple, so the application range is wide, promotion soon.

Second, the national standard of insulating glass in the five indicators:

1, the initial dew point

2, seal test

3, ultraviolet irradiation

4, high temperature and high humidity

5, climate cycle test

According to the national testing standards, how to arrange our production, to achieve the requirements of the hollow glass? Because of the two kinds of hollow glass there are many similarities in the technological process, are in their common process for analysis.

1, glass cutting blanking:

As-received generally for clear float glass or other colored glass, shading glass, toughened glass, sandwich glass, thickness is commonly 3-12 mm, the glass must comply with the provisions of the GB11614 firsts, classy article, after the inspection qualified rear can use. Glass cutting by hand or by machine, but should guarantee size requirements. Working procedure in the process of operation, workers should keep an eye on the glass surface must not have scratches, endoplasm evenly, can not have obvious defects such as bubbles, slag.

2, glass cleaning drying:

Glass cleaning must be machine washed method, because the artificial cleaning cannot guarantee the quality. Inspection before cleaning the glass without scratches, to ensure the cohesiveness of sealants and glass, it is best to use deionized water. In addition to guarantee water use, water saving, can be carried out on the water filter, ensure long-term use. After cleaning the glass to light inspection, inspection glass surface with or without water, water stains and other stains, if there is water, water stains and other stains, you have the machine running speed, heating temperature, air velocity, brush clearance adjustment, until you reach the effect in good condition. After washing the glass should be assembled into hollow glass 1 hour, in addition to ensure that don't friction between glass and glass scratch, had better have semi-finished glass store car, separates between glass and slice.

3, rubber strip type insulating glass and aluminum strip double-glazing glass assembly:

Rubber strip type insulating glass assembly:

(1) the environmental requirements: rubber strip type insulating glass processing temperature should be between 10 to 20 degrees in winter, summer should be between 20 and 30 degrees.

(2) the relative humidity requirement: for rubber strip type insulating glass desiccant powder, evenly mixed with glue desiccant work slower, so should guarantee the strip assembly areas had a lower relative humidity.

Aluminum strip double-glazing glass assembly:

(1) the environmental requirements: temperature should be between 10 to 30 degrees

(2) the relative humidity requirement: this kind of hollow glass slightly lower to the requirement of relative humidity, the normal situation. But that should be paid attention to is, desiccant should choose normal manufacturer of qualified products, to ensure the effective use of desiccant. Desiccant after opening for best results, use in 24 hours, because the permeability of polysulfide rubber is larger, the sealing is poor, so to adopt double seal.

Using butyl rubber as the first line of the seal, have the effect of Yin gas insulation. Polysulfide rubber was used as the name of the second seal, main effect is binding effect, followed by trapping effect. Practice proved that the yield of sealing life of hollow glass is only five years or so, and the double sealing life of hollow glass can be up to 20 years or even more than 40 years, therefore, double sealed insulating glass is the trend of The Times development.

4, glass tablet

Rubber strip type insulating glass tablet want attention or piece of glass edge alignment, pressure were behind reserve a small mouth, let dry gas overflow from the mouth, then seal after pressing. Complete rubber strip type insulating glass processing. Aluminum strip type insulating glass, aluminum frame and glass outside after close edge should be 5-7 mm distance, for the second sealing glue, polysulfide rubber coating should be uniform along the side, in order to prevent the bubble, after the coated glass surface residual. Complete aluminium strip type insulating glass processing.

5, the placement of hollow glass:

Hollow glass is placed correctly or not will affect the final quality of hollow glass, both in production and in transportation or deposited in the site first stacking frame design requirements take into account the characteristics of the hollow glass, stacking frame to a certain slope. But at the bottom of the plane and side should always maintain 90 degrees, so as to ensure the two pieces of hollow glass glass bottom can be vertically placed in stacking frame. Also, note that the bottom of the glass do not touch oily be soiled, lime and other agent, because they are second of insulating glass sealant will produce different degrees of erosion, thus affect the sealing performance of the hollow glass.

With the popularization and application of hollow glass, hollow glass is becoming more and more demanding, we should continue to improve the processing technology of the hollow glass, efforts to improve the technical level and product quality, promote the hollow glass to update, higher, stronger direction.