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Hollow glass equipment, insulating glass

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The structure of the hollow glass:

Any kind of hollow glass, its form has the following three parts

Space interval layer and gas. In the interval of hollow glass layer, first of all, in order to guarantee the performance of the hollow glass, spacer layer gas must be dry. Internal gas can be dry air, argon or other special gases. Generally according to the requirements of different insulating glass, hollow glass interval layer thickness and the inside of the hollow glass of different gases.

Edge sealing system. In the current international market, the hollow glass edge sealing system has two kinds: one kind is the traditional cold side sealing system (aluminum groove type), a kind of warm is a delegate with American Swiggle strip edge sealing system (composite strip type). Because the traditional aluminum groove type insulating glass products in the international and domestic application of time longer, and accepted by many people, and warm edge system began in 1997 in the domestic promotion, product has not been widely recognized. But because this product is based on the traditional method of improved, make hollow glass heat insulation, sound insulation performance is greatly improved, thus more and more accepted by people, quickly get popularity.

1 a hollow glass glass glass. The glass can be ordinary float glass, laminated glass, the sunshine control glass and so on. With glass glass, hollow glass of function and use the sites can also be different. And due to the different requirements, can use two layers, three layer or multilayer as-received.