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Hollow glass equipment production line product characteristics

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Want some help to you. Companies adhering to the "people-oriented, above is the simple introduction of the main points of the hollow glass equipment. Science and technology first, quality first, customer first" purpose, to provide high quality products and service to you.

Hollow glass equipment main points:

Company has a high-quality technical team, the company is a well-known hollow glass equipment supplier. In high technology, for security, on the basis of good faith, committed to the industry for many years, to introduce the following main points of the hollow glass equipment:

And surrounding bonded seal, so that the glass layer is formed between the products of the dry gas space. Hollow glass were originally opening free dry air, currently use other gas thermal conductivity is lower than the air, such as inert gas. Hollow glass is also called heat insulation glass, supported by two or more pieces of glass in order to effectively separated from the average.

Successfully trial-produced line in shenyang glass factory was built in the early 70 s, the development of the hollow glass equipment in the subpolar began in the early '60 s. And start to popularization and application. Mid - 80 - s introduced from abroad, shenzhen city, guangdong province first automatic insulating glass production line equipment, the insulating glass manufacturing into a new stage. To date, China has built in insulating glass production line more than five hundred, including production line introduced from abroad annually, the total production capacity is about 30 million square meters.

80 decibels of traffic noise to indoor, outside sound insulation: hollow glass can be noise down 27 ~ 40 decibels. It is only 50 decibels.

Wind pressure resistance become the main indicators of curtain wall. Hollow glass wind pressure strength is 15 times of the single piece of glass glass is not easy to blow itself up: hollow glass production methods for the bonding process, the wind pressure strength increase: curtain wall mainly accept wind load. For cold working, glass glass internal stress does not change, all round with elastic packing materials, glass is not easy to blow itself up.

And coating insulating glass metal film surface is dry seal will never fall off in the air. Coated glass film will not fall off: metal film surface of coated glass is temporary, exposed to air.

Summer single sign laterally from direct sunlight and glass glass not burst: air conditioning room. The heat, glass inside and outside temperature difference, when the temperature difference is too large, glass would burst. Hollow glass in the presence of the phenomenon.

Also applied to the refrigeration appliances, planes, ships, locomotives, etc. Hollow glass scope of application: high-end building doors and Windows, ceiling, need soundproof schools, hospitals, sports room, TV, radio, and so on.