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Automatic glue machine technical parameters

更新时间:2015-04-09 点击数:317

Automatic glue machine is plastic machinery research and development production of coating equipment, the machine has high degree of automation, easy programming, simple operation. Quantitative accurate positioning, etc. Can work with each production water is for all the glue sealing process of replacing manual work, improve product quality and work efficiency of the ideal equipment, can be widely in automobile, motorcycle engine, the internal combustion engine, and mechanical production industries sealant coating, coating fast and accurate. Particularly suitable for the product with high processing requirements.

The main technical parameters:

1, the control mode: divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

2, immersion depth is adjustable difference of plus or minus 0.1 (mm).

3, dipping time is adjustable: 1.5 ~ 5 (S).

4, the number 50.

5, drying box internal temperature of 0 ~ 200 plus or minus 2 degrees (adjustable).

6, drying box outside temperature is less than 45 degrees.

7, drying air volume is not less than 2.5 m/min.

8, the equipment has stirred slurry functions, to ensure product uniform coating thickness.

9, the equipment has a exhaust device

10, height of equipment operation accord with human body engineering.

11, equipment drying 7.5 meters long, dry 1.5 meters long.